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Quality Policy



Scintilla group produces electromechanical parts, internal cables, metal and machined parts. We supply Hungarian and international multinational companies, in the fields of the: automotive industry, industrial electronics, household industry, rail transport and energy industry. The Customer is the most important for us. We try to gain the trust of our Customers by providing high quality services.

In order to be competitive, besides keeping our Customers satisfied, we try to maintain these conditions:

  • Maintaining and developing a quality system, according to the IATF 16949:2016.
  • Introducing, developing, and operating a new ERP system (SAP) from 2018.
  • Continuous improving and modernization of our production system, in order to reach our previously defined aims.
  • Involving all of our workers in fulfilling our aims.
  • Keeping the production on a level, that is defined by our Customers. Striving to make our production without any failure (0 PPM) with continuous risk reviews.
  • Introducing and operating the Lean-Kaizen methods widely in the company.

We are constantly training our employees according to the new requirements. The management continuously improves and accomplishes the quality management system and involves the employees to be interested in their results.


Szabolcs Szikra


By planning our processes in a farseeing way, we can use our sources in a conscious way.

Our employees take responsibility for the quality and of their activities and for the improving of the quality.

In order to provide high quality services, we try to maintain an up-to-date machine and tool collection.

As our most important power is the professional experience and knowledge of our colleagues, we put high emphasis on keeping their efficiency and competence on high level. We expect every colleague, with the help of their knowledge, responsibility and commitment to the quality, to take part in making the company successful.

We put high emphasis on strengthening, and checking the quality-oriented way of thinking and working. Also we consider it important to have regular quality-themed courses.

Our aim is to fulfill the Hungarian and international markets and the best possible way.

Because of this, based on the stable Hungarian relationships, and by using the international experiences, continuous professional improving of the employees, providing up-to-date tools and machines, flexible and efficient work planning, our goal is to gain bigger parts of the market and to fulfil the inquiries of our partners in high level.

Our quality management system is introduced according to the principles of the IATF 16949, it is a proof for the high quality of our operations.

The aim of the quality management is to:

  • continuously improve the quality management system, and also the quality of the products.
  • satisfy the quality inquiries of the Customers
  • constantly strengthen its position and name on the market, improve its culture of quality and to make the commitment for the quality an inquiry for the employee.