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Engineering team and tool development

Are you prepared for unexpected situations?

In recent years we have all experienced that the market has no respect for long-term agreements and does not differentiate between manufacturers. The only thing that matters is how flexibly we are able to adapt to changes in demand, and whether we can keep up with technological development. If we think about it a little, it has become commonplace in industrial production that manufacturers – in close cooperation with their suppliers – must find an immediate solution to an extraordinary situation, either because technological development demands a rapid solution, or because due to a raw material or parts shortage a member of our supply chain throws up his hands, or because unique, ad-hoc needs must be satisfied in order to achieve market success.

How can we prepare for such unexpected situations? How can we raise our adaptive capacity to a higher level? What must we do so that we are not just “spectators at the match”, but are able to effectively influence its outcome?

In order to overcome such obstacles, we need a production and logistics strategy that offers suitable room for manoeuvring and reactive ability to decision-makers. This strategy involves outlook, human resources, and technological elements, as well. The most important thing, however, is that all its elements must be aimed at meeting the expectations of customers as efficiently as possible!

Agile solutions in the area of manufacturing

Within our professional field, the production of cable assemblies and metal parts, we, too, are faced with unexpected situations, unique needs, and technological challenges on a daily basis. In the past two decades we have moved every stone to provide effective answers to such situations to our Clients. In our capacity as clients, we, too, are fully familiar with the consequences of losing a supplier or a major parts shortage in production. Accordingly, we strive to have ready solutions at hand for such situations.

Our engineering team has decades of experience, and through its innovative solutions has demonstrated countless times its ability to execute projects in outstanding quality, with a rapid return on investment. In addition to our factory, we have also constructed an independent tool plant, which we have equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies, allowing us to set up sample production from scratch within some  days in case of an urgent individual need, and begin serial production in some weeks, without involving subcontractors! With purchased tools the same would take 12-16 weeks! When planning our production capacities, we always reserve an instantly mobilisable puffer capacity, which gives us latitude to meet unexpected demand for production requiring urgent action. The key to the functioning of this system, however, lies in our human resources. One of our strategic goals is to provide versatile training for our colleagues: the majority of our employees can switch to various other types of work processes within moments. This versatility, combined with the expertise of our engineers is the guarantee that our Clients can receive agile solutions for their ad-hoc needs, even in unexpected situations.

If you are looking for a reliable solution for unexpected situations, or have unique needs regarding the purchase of cable fittings or any metal parts, do not hesitate to turn to us: our colleagues will assist you with all your needs!